Pumpkin Seeds Oil Press Delivery to USA

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pumpkin seeds oil press

Pumpkin Seeds Oil Press Delivery to USA

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pumpkin seeds oil pressA very famous healthy SuperFood Mix producer in the USA has adopted SIMEC technology in their production line. SuperFood Mix is high in Quality Protein, high in Fiber, low in fat & oil content. The food mix is produced to Add Muscle, Lose Fat, Boost Energy, and Optimize Health.


stainless steel barrels

The main thing SIMEC oil press will be pressing is hulled pumpkin seed (GWS: grown without shells). The clients are mainly interested in the cake left after pressing as they will grind it and use it as a protein source in their products. Of course they also sell the oil but for them it isn’t their focus. With the help of cold press technology, the cake will be very high quality protein source. The cake will be grinded further to be pumpkin seed protein powder.


dual-barrels-1To meet US FDA compliant, all material touch parts of oil press are made of 304 food grade stainless steel, such as material barrels, oil collect plates, etc. Now the oil press is ready to be delivered to Miami, Florida, USA.

Oil press and spare parts are packing in one set of steel crate. Spare parts include hydraulic oil seals & pipeline, press cloths 20 pieces.


pumpkin seeds oil press

Packing details:

Gross weight: 2480 Kg

Packing size: Length 2500mm, width 1500mm, height 1500mm.

stainless steel press piston




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