Avocado Peeling & Pitting Machine

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Avocado Peeling & Pitting Machine

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Avocado Peeling & Pitting Machine is specially designed for peeling and pitting the avocado fruits. Thanks to the PLC control system and the precisely designed dynamic mechanism, the peeling processing can automatically adapt to varying sizes of avocado fruits.

After peeling, the nuts of the avocado fruits are separated automatically from the peeled fruits by the patented pitting mechanism. The peeled and pitted avocado fruits can be processed into pure fruit paste without considering the contamination by dark green fruit peel.

All parts of this machine in contact with the fruits are made of high-quality food grade stainless steel, non-toxic, anti-corrosion, durable and easy to clean.

Avocado-Fruits-Peeling-and-Pitting-Machine- Automatic-Avocado-Fruits-Peeling-and-Pitting-Machine-1


Technical Parameter

Model SXP-1000
Power 0.6 Kw
Process Capacity 1000 Pieces/Hour
Weight 380 Kg
Overall Size 1700×900×1700 mm


Peeled-Avocado-Fruits Pitted-Avocado-Fruits
Peeled Avocado Fruits Pitted Avocado Fruits


Test video of the first generation avocado peeling & pitting machine:



June 11, 2019at 6:29 am

Hi am interested.
Kindly send me a quote

Mustafa Kamci

July 6, 2020at 6:21 am

I would like to get a quote for one of your avocado peel, and cold press oil.
Can I please get more information?
It will be delivered to Turkey.


October 10, 2020at 3:50 pm

My name is Kaushik and we have a cliemt who needs avovadro peeling and pitting machine.
Kindly send me the quote with best price

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