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Oil Purification Apparatus

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CJG750x2 oil purification apparatus is designed to separate solid impurity and water from avocado oil. It mainly consist of oil filtrator, settling tanks, oil pump, mobile mechanism, oil/water discharge outlets.

The oil filtrator mainly filters the gas and solid impurities contain in oil-water mixed liquid to clean it.

Oil-Filter-02 Oil-Filter

The apparatus adopts static settling separation technology. Dual settling tanks will ensure continuous operation matched with avocado oil press.

The steel frame of the apparatus adopts high strength and high quality carbon steel, which ensures the reliable operation of the purification apparatus. High-grade stainless steel is used in all the parts where the oil mixed liquid is in contact with. The apparatus meets the standard of food grade equipment.

Oil-Purification-Apparatus Oil-Purification-Apparatus-back-view



1. Temperature of oil mixed liquid should be lower than 70℃.

2. Maximum volume of each settling tank is 750L.

3. Purification capacity is matched with one set of HOP50/280 avocado oil press machine.

4. Power: 810 w. Filtration Pressure 0.3 MPa.

5. Overall Size: 2700*1300*2070mm



1. Low energy consumption.

2. Mobile design. Continuous operation.

3. Anti corrosion and durable operation design.

4. All sealing parts adopt food grade silicone rubber seal rings,they are non-toxic, non-leakage and with good sealing performance.

5. The oil filtrator has a wide range of accuracy, wide selectivity and can meet various application occasions.

oil-purification-apparatus-front-view oil-purification-apparatus-side-view

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Avocado Oil Press Delivery To Zimbabwe

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Avocado oil producer from Zimbabwe has purchased Hydraulic Oil Press made by SIMEC to develop his oil business. The oil machine is HOP50/280 type dual barrels, equipped with 4KW electric motor 3 Phase/380V/50Hz. While one material barrel is in working condition, the other material barrel can be filled with avocado pulp & paste. It’s fast to fill up the barrel. One worker can operate three sets of oil press machines at the same time.

SIMEC cold pressing technology guarantees to produce 100% cold pressed avocado oil. One Liter high quality avocado oil can be extracted from 40~50 pieces of fresh avocado fruits. It is equal to 8~10 Kg of whole fruits which includes seed and paste.

20%~30% of avocado paste is oil for either Hass or Fuerte variety of avocado.

This set of avocado oil press will be wrapped by protection packing material and be fixed in steel crate, then be shipped from Qingdao Port to Harare, Zimbabwe.

Harare is inland city but SIMEC logistic team can handle joint sea-and-rail transportation. So avocado oil press will be handed over to the client in his city.

Packing details:

Overall Size: 2600 mm * 1500 mm * 1450 mm (L*W*H)

Gross Weight: 2440 kg

avocado-oil-press-for-zimbabwe avocado-oil-press-to-zimbabwe
zimbabwe-avocado-oil-press-machine avocado-oil-press-barrel
processing-of-oil-press-barrel avocado-oil-press-in-cage
packaged-avocado-oil-press packed-avocado-oil-press


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Coconut & Avocado Oil Press Delivery To Costa Rica

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One set of HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press will be delivered to Caldera Port, Costa Rica. Later our client will install the oil press machine to make virgin coconut oil and virgin avocado oil. Main oil materials are fresh coconut meat and fresh avocado fruits.

Type: HOP-50/280 Dual Barrels

Power: 4 KW, 3 Phase, 220V, 60Hz

Regarding this hydraulic oil press machine, all the parts that directly contact with oil material are made of food grade SS304 stainless steel, which is rustproof and corrosion resistant. There are “Manual” and “Automatic” operation modes. Two operation modes can be switched as per requirements.

The dual barrels design improves the processing efficiency. In Automatic operation mode, when oil material is being pressed in one barrel, the operator can fill oil material into the other barrel at the same time.

The client will use this HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press to produce avocado oil and coconut oil. Both avocado oil & coconut oil will be extracted by cold pressing technology, which keeps the nutrition and flavor of the natural oil to the greatest extent.

The hydraulic oil press is wrapped by thick plastic film and packed in a steel crate.

Here is the detail packing data:

Packing Size: 2560 mm * 1450 mm * 1470 mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 2460 kg

avocado-oil-presserOil Press Before Packing cocoa-butter-pressSIMEC Oil Press
oil-press-barrelBarrel oil-press-accessoriesAccessories
packaged-oil-pressPackaged Oil Press packaged-oil-presserOil Press Packed in Steel Crate

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World Avocado Oil Market Expectation

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Avocado Market in Mexico

Mexico is the world’s largest avocado producing country, it provides 45% of the international avocado market, the other major producers are Chile, Indonesia, United States, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil and Peru in that order. Mexican avocado production is concentrated in Michoacán state in west central Mexico, accounting for 92% of the country’s production of the crop.

Global warming affects a lot to the European olive orchards and the reduction of olive output making avocado a rising market requirement. Exports of avocado in Mexico increased more than 4-fold in the period from 2000 to 2011, avocado oil business will develops faster and better than the olive oil.

Mexican avocado oil exported to Europe are generally being used as raw material for cosmetic products, because of its very high skin penetration and rapid absorption. While in native, it is usually used for healthy cooking, because it is high in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, and also an unusually high smoke point.


Avocado Oil Retail Prices in Mexico

Retail price of avocado oil is high, for example, generally a bottle avocado oil with 250ml capacity is over $3.75 USD, the 500ml price is over $6.32 USD.  But in Mexico, there are just a few companies which make avocado oil. Traditional processing method of avocado oil need to separate the fruit pulp, dry and extract the dried pulp with solvents at elevated temperatures. This processing method takes fussy steps and long time, some of the chemical characteristics would be changed by the high temperature.

SIMEC hydraulic oil press provides a new way for avocado oil extraction, fresh avocado fruits can be directly pressed by the equipment, saving the time of drying. Cold pressing technology maintain the health and freshness of avocado oil at maximum, and also greatly increase the hourly output of avocado oil, so manufacturers can get more economic benefits.

The following is the operation video of SIMEC avocado oil press:

Choosing the right equipment for avocado processing is of great meaning for avocado oil manufacturers to increase the production and economic efficiency. SIMEC can provide high quality avocado oil press as well as professional services for customers, please contact info@simecoilpress.com without hesitation to get the quotation!

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