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Screw Oil Press

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SIMEC household screw oil press can continuously squeeze a variety of raw materials, with fast speed, good oil quality and good taste, and the oil output rate is as high as 98%. After feeding, the oil will be squeezed automatically, without material jam or blockage, and the oil can be delivered smoothly, without the need

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Colloid Mill

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SIMEC SJM colloid mill is developed for food homogenization and emulsification. In the food industry, Colloid mill is commonly used to produce guacamole, peanut butter, sesame tahini, soybean milk, fruit pulp, coconut milk, etc. SIMEC colloid mill is designed with patented and proven milling gear to provide hydraulic and mechanical cutting, impact, squeezing, friction, and

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SIMEC Support Shea Butter Produce in Abidjan

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In mid October 2021, SIMEC shipped shea butter extraction equipment to Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The project is designed to produce shea butter in the form of 25 KG block wrapped and packed in carton. In the future, the same equipment will also produce extra virgin avocado oil. In the shea butter production process, the client

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