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Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil Extraction Technology

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Extra virgin avocado oil extraction should be carried out using only mechanical methods including hydraulic oil press, and decanter centrifuge at low temperatures (<50°C). The cold-pressed extraction method can yield an oil with significantly higher pigment levels, a stronger flavour and, consequentely higher health benefits.

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Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction Process

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SIMEC hydraulic oil press machine adopts cold processing technology to extract sunflower seed oil at low temperature. Nutrients are retained to the maximum.

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 Avocado Oil Press Delivery to Kenya

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To develop the value of such non-compliance avocados, a wisdom Chinese entrepreneur decided to invest in the production of avocado oil, adopting SIMEC avocado oil press machine which is easy to operate and run in automatic mode.

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Avocado Oil Extraction Process

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This video presents avocado oil extraction process by using SIMEC avocado malaxer and HOP50/280 hydraulic oil press.

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