Avocado Oil Press Delivery to Indonesia

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Avocado Oil Press Delivery to Indonesia

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Indonesian people consume a lot of local grown avocado fruits. There’re many avocado plantations. The tropical climate in Indonesia is suitable for the growth of avocado. But the people have to import extra virgin & pure avocado oil at very expensive price.
To develop avocado oil production, a powerful company from Jakarta has confirmed to adopt SIMEC cold processing technology for all the oil mills.
The market demand of avocado oil is huge in Indonesia, mainly from cosmetic and food industries.

The first set of HOP50/280 type hydraulic oil press will be handed over to avocado oil producer in time.
The machine was packed in steel crate on 14th October, 2020.
Overall dimensions: length 2410mm, width 1450mm, height 1560mm.
Weight: 2420mm.
The cargo will be shipped to Jakarta Port in the 4th week of October.

 packaged-iron-cage  packed-avocado-oil-press

The avocado oil press is produced by improved production techniques. Better fabrication precision, better surface treatment on stainless steel barrels.

All the oil material contact parts are made of food grade 304 stainless steel. The operation can be switched between automatic mode and manual mode.

To create more value for clients, SIMEC is always dedicated to improve technology, quality and service.

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, avocado oil production will boom in Indonesia.

hop50-280-for-indonesia avocado-oil-press-hop50-280
avocado-oil-press-stainless-still-barrel oil-press-controller


Julius Caesar

December 16, 2020at 8:10 am


I am called Julius Caesar from Rwanda and I am interested in Avocado oil making.
we want to start with small production and later we will move to next step.
Please can you share with me quotation for an oil press machine of small capacity (eg. 10L/h .


    March 15, 2021at 5:21 am

    If Delivered to Kenya Port of Mombasa a similar one delivered to Indonesia what will be the total charges?


March 17, 2021at 11:47 am

My name is Caroline from Kenya.Im interested in purchasing an Avocado oil making cold press.How much is a small one?

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