Avocado Oil Press Machine Delivery to Australia

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Avocado Oil Press Machine Delivery to Australia

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New South Wales holds a vital role in Australia as the country’s most developed agricultural and industrial state. Its unique mineral resources and strategic position have provided a solid foundation for industry and urbanization. Meanwhile, the natural landscape and mild climate give adequate circumstances for agriculture and animal husbandry development.

On this fertile land, one of our esteemed clients continues his family’s centuries-long farming and other connected industries. The main orchard crops farmed here are avocado and macadamia nuts, but other fruits and vegetables such as Davidson Plum and honey are also produced. AVOCADO fruit production in the orchards are grown and processed specifically to cater for the ever increasing Australian Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries. MACADAMIA nut & HONEY production in the orchards are processed locally and marketed nationally as well as around the world. Oil is also produced from the macadamia nuts for both the cosmetic and food industries.


The farm’s requirements and regulations for the fruits and vegetables it provides are stringent, especially since the avocado orchard just applied for ACO “Organic Certification”. In order to diversify, the client chose to investigate avocado oil extraction and vegetable freeze-drying. In order to maintain high standards, he eventually selected SIMEC as the supplier of avocado oil production technology and machinery. He intends to continue his family’s solid business reputation by producing high-quality avocado oil product.    

In May 2023, we finally delivered one set of HOP50/280 hydraulic oil press and one set of oil purification apparatus. The equipment is all in compliance with local electrical specifications and safety regulations. Unfortunately, due to the farm’s limited power and gas supply, a malaxing machine cannot be used on-site. However, the client states that after he overcomes the infrastructural limitations, he will consider purchasing SIMEC avocado malaxing machine in the future. 

Packing Details:

ItemPacking Size (mm)Net Weight (kgs)Gross Weight (kgs)
Oil Purification Apparatus2420x1370x1400484540
Avocado Oil Press1460x1350x143022002430
TOTAL7.46 m32684 kgs2970 kgs


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January 16, 2024at 5:20 pm

Please get me the quote if delivered in kenya Inland container deport or port of mombasa.
Also indicate terms of payment

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