Hydraulic Oil Press Delivered to Ukraine

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Hydraulic Oil Press Delivered to Ukraine

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M PLUS GROUP, one of the largest cold press oil manufacturers in the Europe, has booked one set of SIMEC stainless steel HOP-50/280 Hydraulic Oil Press for their cold vegetable oil production.

The company is engaged in the production of cold press high-quality vegetable oils in Ukraine. They will use our stainless steel hydraulic oil press to produce over 17 different kinds of virgin vegetable oils, such as Amaranth seed oil, Black cumin seed oil, Camelina oil, Cedar nuts oil, Poppy oil, Sunflower seeds oil, Hemp oil, Walnut oil, Cherry seed oil, Sea buckthorn oil, Sesame oil, Black mustard oil, Chilli seed oil, Corn oil, Fig seed oil, Flax oil, Mustard oil, Milk thistle oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Rosehip oil etc.


Awarded with certifications of EU Organic Standard and ISO, our client exports their organic cold press vegetable oil to European countries, the US, India and the CIS countries.

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The purchased stainless steel HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press was customized according to the client’s requirement. All of the parts in contact with the raw materials were made of food grade SS304 stainless steel.

With Max. 50 Mpa working pressure, the hydraulic oil press generates 380 tons pressure force to the oil raw materials. Under such great pressure, most of the virgin oil will be pressed out from the raw materials at room temperature.

The manufacturing of the HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press has already been finished. After packing, the machine would be shipped to Kiev Port, Ukraine.

SIMEC Hydraulic Oil Press presses any virgin oil. Please feel free to inquire us at info@simecoilpress.com.

Here are some photos and the packing data of the oil press:







Packing size: 2720 x 1500 x 1650 mm

Weight: 2436 kg

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