Hydraulic Oil Press

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Hydraulic Oil Press

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I. General Description

This automatic hydraulic oil press is used to press oil out at room temperature. The nutrition of oil would not be destroyed and original flavor could be preserved.

This oil press machine is composed of hydraulic cylinder,  pressing barrel etc. Final oil has high quality, good smell, and high yield rate.

The working pressure of the this hydraulic cold oil press could be 40MPA and 50MPA.

The oil press can operation automatically and manually. There are two barrels on this oil press. When one is under pressure automatically, the operator can fill the other barrel with oil material. That would promote the processing efficiency.


II. Technical Parameters

Model HOP40/250 HOP50/280 HOP45/320
Power (KW) 3 4 4
Process Capacity (Kg/Hour) 100~130 150-180 150-180
Max  Pressure (MPA) 50 60 55
Working Pressure (MPA) 40 50 45
Press Force (Tons) 200 380 380
Installed Dimension (mm) 2000*880*2300 2160*900*2350 2160*900*2350
Weight (kg) 1500 2700 2750
Material Barrel Data
Inner Diameter (mm) 438 450 450
Barrel Height(mm) 700 700 700
Barrel Quantity (PCS) 1-2 2 2
Hydraulic Cylinder Data
Inner Diameter (mm) 250 280 320
Outer Diameter (mm) 299 350 370
Cylinder Stroke (mm) 720 720 720


HOP45/320 adopts hydraulic cylinder with more large diameter. This design will reduce working pressure of hydraulic system but still  guarantee Press Force 380 tons. Life span of hydraulic hose & seal will be much longer.


SIMEC Oil Press adopts cold press technology which can be commercially used as avocado oil press, olive oil press, coconut oil press, cocoa butter oil press, etc.

One Liter high quality avocado oil can be extracted from 40~50 pieces of fresh avocado fruits.

It is equal with 8~10 Kg of whole fruits which includes seed and paste.

20%~30% of avocado paste is oil for either Hass or Fuerte variety of avocado.


III. Features:

High working efficiency! 100% cold press technology, zero temperature rise on oil and oil cake.

Make high quality healthy oil! Mechanical vertical pressing does not harm the nutrients in the oil. No chemical substances left;

Cost-Effective! The main machine can run for more than 20 years;

With double barrels, it can promote the production efficiency.


Camilo Gaafar

January 18, 2016at 10:32 am

I’m interested in a few sets of this oil press to make avocado oil. Please send me quotation and its delivery time. Thanks.


    September 18, 2017at 11:09 am

    hi…i am interested in this machine.Kindly inbox me the price DETAILS.


    September 30, 2022at 5:14 pm


Trevor Blair

March 3, 2016at 1:33 pm

I am interested in your HOP40/250 for cold- pressing coconut oil.

1). What is the unit price and delivery time? Please quote also, on the cost of maintenance parts which are required to be kept on hand.

2). Is there a warranty period?

    Taysir Alboghdady

    March 6, 2018at 11:53 pm

    is this machine suitable for fall seed oil and how long does the press process take and do we need to repress the cake to get more oil. what is the price for the HOP50-280
    What is the material of the Drum?

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Gerrard OBeirne

May 19, 2016at 1:15 am

Can you please send me price of this machine and if you can ship it to Europe
Thank you
Gerrard OBeirne


June 1, 2016at 3:35 am

Dear Sir,
I am from Bangladesh. Please give me your price offer.

Chukwunyelu Ikejiani

August 6, 2016at 10:40 am

Want a quote on this equipment to press coconut oil and also peanut oil. Please quote for this equipment and maintainance parts and also the warranty terms. Do not forget training for use.

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Mr. Vuong

February 25, 2017at 10:39 pm

Please send me quotations for Hydraulic Oil Press machine.
I need it for Cocoa oil presss.
Tel: +84-983953099

elizabeth nyambura

April 3, 2017at 8:22 pm

hi, am elizabeth from kenya. pls send me ur quotation for this machine


May 27, 2017at 6:01 pm

hydraulic oil press machine which ; works in shorter time but has high oil yield and purer oil product

nuwan pradeep

June 2, 2017at 2:49 pm

Please send me quotations for Hydraulic Oil Press machine
thank you

Maria mbarwohai

July 13, 2017at 12:34 pm

Hello Maria from Tanzania i require to know the price of the machine and the cost for spare parts.

Emma Bhola

August 7, 2017at 12:33 am

I am Emma Bhola from Grenada West Indies. I am interested in purchasing an oil press and would appreciate the unit price. Thank you.

Alberto M. Nunez / !!8 C. M. Recto Ave. Lapasan Cagayan de Oro City Philippines

August 14, 2017at 4:35 pm

Hi Im Alberto M. Nunez from Cagayan de Oro City Philippines, Im interested of your Simec HOP 50/280 Double Cylinder to press the coconut sludge oil, pls. send me your quotation of this machine FOB from Port of Origin in China to Philippine Port and also the complete detais of this machine. Thank you so much

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September 15, 2017at 9:57 am

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Amina Tereza

December 4, 2017at 11:24 am

hello am interested in the HP used in extracting avocado oil am in Kenya … please send me a quotation and any other relevant information you would deem neccessary

Kabyoma Ishabakaki

December 15, 2017at 4:35 pm

please send quotations for your hydraulic oil press type HOP40/250 & HOP50/280. Please quote CIF Dar-Es-Salaam price for each model

Diana Cadavid

February 16, 2018at 8:06 pm

Hello,im in Colombia, Medellín and I’m interested in a set of this oil press to make avocado oil. Please send me quotation and its delivery time. Thanks.

Kelvin Lai

February 26, 2018at 6:20 am

Hello, I’m from Malaysia and sourcing hydraulic presser for moringa seed oil. Please send me quotation for one set of HOP40/250. Also, any product guarantee/warranty and please advise on finding replacement parts in Malaysia, or regionally, if possible.

Kennedy Bosire

March 17, 2018at 11:47 am

Hi. I am interested in this machine. Please send me quotation CIF Mombasa, Kenya.

Johnson Karimi

June 25, 2018at 12:38 pm

I am Karimi from Kenya requesting for a quotation on the 2 barrel press machine. From peeling to oil press what other machine do i require and which ones do you manufacture?, if so also quote for the same please, based in Nairobi.


July 19, 2018at 5:54 pm

My name is Ulises from Intertec Colombia, http://www.intertec.com.co.

I have a new client that needs an avocado oil extractor machine.

For industrial use but the smallest machine that you have suitable for avocado.

Our client needs a machine for extract the avocado oil from the excendent from their harvest.

That is why they need the smallest machine that you have.

Can you send me a video of your machine working with the avocato.

Contact me at any time. we chat id: sirulx. cel phone +573145930166. email: proyectos@intertec.com.co

Let me know your comments.
Best regards.


June 11, 2019at 9:19 am

Please send me a quote for the hydraulic press

Allen McNicoll

July 2, 2019at 11:37 am

Would need some pricing please, quickly. And time of deliveries


September 15, 2020at 2:21 pm

Hello Simec,
Sir this is Gopal , please let me the out put percentage of oil yield in Sesame and Peanuts… as well the price of the HOP45/320.. delivery time period . please let me know it in USD, I kindly appreciate if you can send me user manual to know the press time for each press..
Thank You

Moses Sambo

December 1, 2020at 8:24 am

Can you please send me qoute for this machine

Botham stanley

July 31, 2021at 1:31 pm

Quotation of the avocado oil press machine

Henok Teshome

November 28, 2022at 4:50 pm

Price of the machine and Delivery place and payment terms

Kebede Sbsibie

December 5, 2022at 3:48 pm

Dear Sir/Madam
I am interested in your model HOP50/280 machine. can you please send me your best price?

Ernest Nkangu

January 10, 2023at 2:04 pm

May I get the price of this machine and the shipping price to Illinois?

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