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Avocado Oil Plant Shipped to Australia

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In mid-May 2022, SIMEC shipped a unit of Extra-Virgin Cold-pressed Avocado Oil production line to one of our Australian clients, who owns a family-operating organic avocado orchard in Southwest region.

The organic avocado fruits in the orchard are classified into several grades, such as 2nd grade and other higher levels. Commonly, the 2nd grade avocado fruits are referred to as unqualified commodity fruits, and its price is much lower than the market approved fruits. Compared with high-grade fruits, this low-grade fruit defined in the commodity market has only a slightly different appearance, but no difference in internal quality and oil content. Thereby, the client decided to use SIMEC cold-pressed technology and equipment to produce extra-virgin edible avocado oil that is thought to be a niche market to grow locally.

2nd Grade Avocado FruitsExtra Virgin Avocado Oil

SIMEC has vast expertise and rich experience in innovative technology of producing extra-virgin avocado oil. We furnish our clients with a cold-pressed avocado oil production line that consists of Avocado Pasting Machine, Hydraulic Oil Press and Avocado Oil Purification Apparatus. The avocado pasting machine integrates peeling, destoning and pulping.


It is suggested to have the avocado flesh pulp gone through malaxing before oil pressing, aiming to enhance oil yield. 380 tons of vertical pressing force endows the SIMEC HOP50/280 hydraulic press with outstanding pressing efficiency. The residual oil rate in the oil cake can be controlled in a very low range. SIMEC HOP oil press is developed for absolute cold-pressing, there is no temperature rising during pressing. The oil press comes with two material barrels as standard. The barrels and other parts in contact with the paste and avocado oil are made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel.


The last but not the least, the crude avocado oil from hydraulic oil press will be purified by SIMEC patented Avocado Oil Purification Apparatus. The apparatus adopts ingenious physical purification design to ensure the consistent quality of extra virgin avocado oil.


In this plant, all parts in contact with raw materials and oil are made of food grade stainless steel. SIMEC team has installed and debugged the avocado oil production line before delivery. We will handover a ready-to-produce plant to our client. All electric motors and elements were customized, catering to the accessible single-phase electricity with 240 Volts and 50 Hertz.

The plant will be shipped to Fremantle sea port on May 22, 2022. The client can produce the extra-virgin cold-pressed avocado oil in the coming harvest season of avocado fruits. The packing photos and parameters are as follows:


Packing Data:

NameOverall Dimensions
(L*W*H mm)
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Avocado Pulping Machine1170*700*14501.19196220
Avocado Oil Press2510x1400x13804.8522002450
Oil Purification Apparatus2800*1080*20006.05488540
Total 12.0828843210

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