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Avocado Peeling Live Demo

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The client from Israel applied for a live demonstration for fresh avocado peeling on SIMEC innovative SXP-1000 avocado peeling machine. As per requirements, we prepared some fresh avocados with different sizes and shapes. The fruits are classified as small, medium and large sizes. Thanks to the PLC control system and the precisely designed peeling unit, the peeling mechanism can automatically adapt to varying sizes and shapes of fresh avocado fruits.

Avocado Fruit Specifications:

Items Quantity Average  Weight Average Diameter Average Height Average Peel Weight Average Seed Weight Average Flesh Weight
Small Fruits 4 pcs 103.7 g 57 mm 79 mm 18 g 6.3 g 79.4 g
Medium Fruits 4 pcs 144.5 g 68 mm 87 mm 23 g 17.1 g 105.8 g
Large Fruits 4 pcs 192 g 72 mm 101 mm 24.2 g 36 g 131.8 g


Description of Avocado Peeling Machine:

simec-avocado-fruit-peeling-machine peeling-mechanism clean-peeled-avocado-fruit

Assisted by laser positioning system, the fruit can be positioned on the holder accurately and swiftly at the inlet. After the avocado fruit is conveyed into the peeling machine, a top holder lowers to fix the fruit’s top and then rotates the fruit. Meanwhile, the peeling knife raises to peel the avocado fruit from bottom to top, self-adapting to different fruit sizes and shapes.

The pericarp at both ends of the avocados can be removed swiftly by well designed ingenious cutting mechanism. This optional function can be switched on or off from the HMI touch screen.

Backed by the accurate and full-fledged PLC controlling system, one avocado fruit can be completely peeled within 3~4 seconds. Then the peeled avocado fruits will be discharged automatically through the outlet.

Summary of Avocado Peeling Demo:

variable-size-avocado-fruits peeled-avocado-fruits

There are 12 fresh avocado fruits in total. Six of them are used for fine-tuning the peeling machine, while the others are used for real peeling process.

Four fruits are peeled without switching on the upper & lower end cutters which are designed to remove pericarp at both ends of the avocados. The others are peeled completely without any peel residue.

The avocado peeling machine is designed to completely peel various shapes and sizes of fresh avocado fruits. One operator can carry out the continuous operation at regular production. Up to 1000 fresh avocado fruits can be processed per hour.

simec-avocado-peeling-machine simec-avocado-fruit-peeling-machine-operation simec-sxp-1000-avocado-fruit-peeling-machine

SIMEC focus on technology development for processing avocado fruits into higher-value products, such as avocado paste, Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, etc. Continuous R&D support and practical experience enable us to provide innovative technology and full-fledged equipment.

Please do not hesitate to send an inquiry to info@simecoilpress.com, if you would like to know more about avocado fruit peeling machine.


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Avocado Peeling & Pitting Machine

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Avocado Peeling & Pitting Machine is specially designed for peeling and pitting the avocado fruits. Thanks to the PLC control system and the precisely designed dynamic mechanism, the peeling processing can automatically adapt to varying sizes of avocado fruits.

After peeling, the nuts of the avocado fruits are separated automatically from the peeled fruits by the patented pitting mechanism. The peeled and pitted avocado fruits can be processed into pure fruit paste without considering the contamination by dark green fruit peel.

All parts of this machine in contact with the fruits are made of high-quality food grade stainless steel, non-toxic, anti-corrosion, durable and easy to clean.

Avocado-Fruits-Peeling-and-Pitting-Machine- Automatic-Avocado-Fruits-Peeling-and-Pitting-Machine-1


Technical Parameter

Model SXP-1000
Power 0.6 Kw
Process Capacity 1000 Pieces/Hour
Weight 380 Kg
Overall Size 1700×900×1700 mm


Peeled-Avocado-Fruits Pitted-Avocado-Fruits
Peeled Avocado Fruits Pitted Avocado Fruits


Test video of the first generation avocado peeling & pitting machine:

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