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An Egyptian client made a special trip to visit SIMEC hydraulic oil press fabrication mill in the last week of May. His company is engaged in producing quality cold-pressed plant oil and seed oil for food and cosmetic industries. As his business grows rapidly, he is seeking for cold oil press with higher productivity, excellent performance, outstanding reliability and durability. The client made his decision to visit us based on his long-term review of SIMEC hydraulic oil press and positive feedback from its end users.

During the client’s visit, we were preparing Delivery Reports and Quality Certificates for five sets of stainless steel HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press machines ordered by other 3 customers. The fabrication mill’s advanced processing equipment and precise processing technology satisfied our client and met his positive expectation for SIMEC hydraulic oil press.

simec-oil-press-fabrication-mill egyptian-client-visit-oil-press-fabrication-mill

We offered a detailed and live demonstration for processing cold-pressed peanut oil from 20 kg crushed raw peanut by using SIMEC HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press. The client was very satisfied with the entire demonstration, especially for operational process and results. 8 kg of extra virgin peanut oil, clear and pure, was extracted by the hydraulic oil press with 380 tons vertical press force.

egyptian-client-test-oil-press cold-pressed-peanut-oil

The client placed an order for two sets of HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press machines in the afternoon after his visit, which would be a good start for our long-term cooperation. The two sets of hydraulic oil press machines will be shipped to Alexandria port in the end of June.

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