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Brief Introduction of Moringa Seed Oil

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What is Moringa Seed Oil?
Moringa seed is the seed of moringa oleifera, moringa seed oil is extracted from the moringa seed, rich in nutrients. Moringa seed oil is a kind of edible oil, functions of moringa seed oil is affluent in daily life. Some people use moringa seed oil to achieve cosmetic purposes.

Moringa seed oil is a woody vegetable oil with a trade name called “Ben oil” or “Behen oil”. Compared with other vegetable oils, moringa seed oil has unique characteristics, that is, excellent oxidation resistance, no additives or preservatives need to be added during its storage. Even so, it can be preserved at room temperature for about a year without spoilage, rancidity, and will not produce peculiar smell, which is particularly noticeable in the cosmetics industry today. Because there is a key problem in the modern cosmetics manufacturing industry, how to solve the problem of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, at the same time, the added antioxidants should not have any toxic side effects, moringa seed oil may be able to assume this responsibility.

Main Chemical Component of Moringa Seed Oil
The chemical composition of moringa seed oil was studied as early as 1848. The results showed that there is a high-melting fatty acid, Behenic acid, in moringa seed oil, which is now known as Moringa seed oil acid. The trade name of ancient moringa seed oil is called “Behen oil” because oil contains this acid.

In recent years, there have been many different perspectives of research involving the chemical composition and properties of moringa seed oil. In these studies, it was described that moringa seed oil extracted from moringa seed at low temperatures is a mild non-drying oil with pale yellow color and a typical nutty taste. There are about 40% oil contas in moringa oil seed. There have been many studies on the fatty acid composition in recently. Although the test data of the fatty acids various because there are differences in the analytical techniques and the source of the sample, overall, in moringa oil, the content of oleic acid is between 62% and 78%. If all unsaturated fatty acids are added together, the total unsaturated fatty acid content is much higher than 80%. It is thus clear that moringa seed oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Secondly, the content of behenic acid, is also high, ranging from 4% to 8%.

The Use and Efficacy of Moringa Seed Oil
As the fatty acid composition of moringa seed oil is very similar to that of olive oil, especially the oleic acid content, it can be compared with olive oil and tea oil in the use of edible oil, and is known as the three sisters of high-grade healthy edible oil. If there is anything more remarkable than the two sisters, it is more saturated than the two of them, more resistant to frying, more resistant to corruption than two of them, of course, the price is many higher than both of them.
In fact, if the moringa seed oil is used for cooking, it is obviously a bit overqualified, its best function should be in medicine or cosmetics, this will match its expensive price. It can also better reflect its efficacy in many aspects such as sterilization, lipid-lowering, blood pressure lowering, gastrointestinal function regulation, liver protection, anti-ultraviolet radiation, emollient, nutritive hair, and moisturizing.

1. Cold pressed Moringa seed oil contains natural antioxidants that make it stable and resistant to spoilage. The results showed that the thermal stability and oxidation stability of the oil extracted by cold pressing were better, the peroxide formed by pure physical pressing process was 79% less than that of peanut oil, and the increase of free fatty acid was obviously lower than that of refined peanut oil. The cold pressing process retains the nutrients in the moringa seed, its characters will not be changed because of high temperature, and the physical cold pressing also reduces the process cost. The moringa seed oil used in beauty products and pharmaceutical products must be extracted by cold pressing method.


2. Moringa seed oil is not only a safe, non-toxic high-quality edible oil, but also very suitable for use as a flavor excipient, is an excellent raw material for flavor, cosmetics, preservatives because of its low viscosity. Research shows that moringa seed oil has anti-ultraviolet properties, can protect the body from ultraviolet radiation damage, therefore it can be used to develop related sunscreen products. According to the reports, moringa seed oil is also used as grease for precision machinery in spaceflight, hyperthermia, high pressure and other special conditions.

3. Moringa seed oil also contains phytosterols such as β-sitosterol, vegetable oil sterols, etc. Phytosterol is a kind of substances that very similar in structure to cholesterol and have a cholesterol-lowering effect without significant side effects. It is very important to human health. The length of oxidation induction period of edible oil directly determines the speed of oxidation and the length of storage period. The longer the oxidation induction period, the better its safety and stability. The oxidation induction period of moringa seed oil was 34.1 h, which is 4 times, 10 times, 9 times, and 12 times longer than that of olive oil, corn germ oil, peanut oil, and soybean oil respectively, and its stability was high. It was not easy to oxidize and corrupt, it is an excellent edible oil.

4. Moringa seed oil rich in a variety of vitamins A, B, C, E and other ingredients, the toxicity of more than 17 times times higher than other plants, can effectively resist the invasion of toxic substances, reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays. At the same time, its outstanding moisturizing effect also has excellent results in preventing skin sagging and aging. It can lock skin moisture in time, improve pigment deposition, brighten skin tone, firm skin, and solve various skin problems such as damage, dryness, and sensitivity. Due to its unique high oxidation resistance, it has very good wrinkle removal, moisturizing and anti-aging effects. It contains a variety of plant nutrients that can continuously promote collagen production, regenerate skin cells, prevent oxidation, aging, and damage to the skin caused by sun exposure, wind, radiation, and fatigue, and restore skin’s tenderness as new, smooth and delicate. Therefore, moringa seed oil can also be used as beauty skin care products.

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