Testing Video of HOP-200 Hydraulic Oil Press

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hydraulic peanut oil press

Testing Video of HOP-200 Hydraulic Oil Press

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SIMEC HOP-200 hydraulic oil press is one of our HOP series oil press machines for processing the peanut, soybean, and other oil raw material. After the pressing, the shape of the peanut will not be broken, and red skin falls off by itself. The pressed peanut can be made into the delicious snacks, and the oil is edible after processing. The HOP-200 hydraulic oil raw material is also able to process sesame, sunflower seeds, walnut, almond, maize germ, pepper seeds, palm kernel etc.

Parameter of HOP-200 Hydraulic Oil Press:



Working Pressure (Mpa)


Processing Volume (kg/day)


Power (Kw)


Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke (mm)


Weight (kg)


One of our Indian customers was very interested in our HOP-200 hydraulic oil press. We prepared 25 kg peanut for testing. Having been through fried, the peanut was pressed by the hydraulic oil press. Finally, we got both of the crude peanut oil and unbroken peanut.

Please watch the below testing video of the HOP-200 hydraulic oil press for our India customer.

If you are interested in purchasing our hydraulic oil press, please send the inquiry to info@simecoilpress.com.


Osman Karabaş

March 10, 2017at 3:12 pm

Soğuk sıkım makine üretmek istiyoruz.Bu makineyi tedarik edebilir miyiz sizden.Makinenin türk lirası fiyatı nedir.İyi çalışmalar

    Osman Karabaş

    March 10, 2017at 3:15 pm

    Soğuk sıkım zeytinyağı üretmek istiyoruz bu makineyi tedarik edebilir miyiz?Bu makinenin 200 tonluğu var mı? Türk lirası fiyatı nedir


October 12, 2017at 4:10 am

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