SIMEC Powers Avocado Oil Industry in Zimbabwe

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SIMEC Powers Avocado Oil Industry in Zimbabwe

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A new avocado oil plant was set up in Harare, Zimbabwe in the mid of the year 2019. The oil company was invested by a wise and energetic businessman. His team has a great plan to produce both edible avocado oil for local market, and extra virgin avocado oil for market demand from overseas cosmetics industry.

Avocado oil will be cold pressed by SIMEC hydraulic oil press HOP50/280 at room temperature. All parts contact with oil materials are made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel. No temperature rise or heat on avocado material happens during oil extraction process.

Avocado-Oil-Machine Avocado-Oil-Press

As the global leader of 100% cold pressing technology, SIMEC have supplied cold press oil machines to multi avocado oil plants in Harare, Zimbabwe. All the avocado oil press machines are in good operation. SIMEC technology helps local people to produce high value products instead of selling avocado fruits only. We will enhance technical service to power the avocado oil industry. We believe the avocado oil industry in Zimbabwe will have a good development prospect.

Stainless-Steel-Material-Barrel Control-Cabinet

Upon the obtain of production certificate, the avocado oil mill will start production in September.

In addition, they also produce Baobab oil which has an array of health benefits due to its abundance of minerals and vitamins. Baobab oil softening and nourishing the outer layer of the skin, and improves the skin elasticity. It can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks and mitigate skin disorders such as chronic bruising, psoriasis, eczema, and sunspots.

There are varieties of ways to incorporate baobab oil into cosmetics use. Due to its moisturizing qualities, baobab oil makes an excellent addition to skin care products such as face creams and body lotions, and baobab oil can even be incorporated into sun care and massage oil.

Both avocado oil and baobab oil are high value oils which must adopt cold pressing technology to prevent nutrients from being destroyed at high temperature.

Advanced technology is the key to success.

Hydraulic oil press was delivered from Qingdao Port, China to Harare, Zimbabwe in June, 2019.

Packing Details:

NO. Overall Size (L*W*H, MM) Weight (KG) DESCRIPTION
1# Case 1920*880*1600 1604 HOP50/280 Hydraulic Oil Press main body, material barrels and other accessories.
2# Case 1160*740*1500 778 Hydraulic cylinder and control cabinet.


Package-One Package-Two


Rashid Seif

August 15, 2019at 6:20 pm

What is the price for avocado oil press machine?
Im in Dar es salaam Tanzania

Wisemore chitsanga

January 21, 2022at 7:16 pm

in Hatcliffe Harare would like to know if I could get a small to medium size avocado presser, cold press thing

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