Avocado Pasting Machine

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Avocado Pasting Machine

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The peeled and pitted avocado fruit can be processed into paste by this avocado fruit pasting machine continuously. Thanks to the unique design of the inner pasting channels, the paste and the residues can be separated automatically. All the parts of the machine in contact with avocado are made of food grade 304 stainless steel. The avocado pasting machine has the characteristics of handy operation, maintenance convenience, high processing efficiency, and full automation.

In addition, the avocado pasting machine is also applied to process other different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Avocado-With-Peel-and-Pit Avocado-Fruit-Pasting-Machine Avocado-Paste


Model SM2-QH4
Power 4 Kw
Processing Capacity 1000 Kg/Hour
Weight 350 Kg
Size 1450×770×1530 mm


 SIMEC-Double-Channel-Avocado-Fruit-Pasting-Machine  Avocado-Pasting-Machine





June 11, 2019at 6:20 am

Am Interested. Send a quote and brochure for the machine


July 25, 2019at 2:18 pm

Am Interested in other types of cold-press seed extractions products. Please send a quote and brochure for the machine above to include agents in the Southern hemisphere. Many thanks.

Feri Putranto

March 10, 2020at 7:19 am

I am interested with your machinery, please send me a quote and brochure


May 12, 2021at 3:21 pm

Hi, I am interested to prepare Avocado butter, can you provide a turnkey project to Zambia ( from the processing of avocado fruit, deskinning, smoothing, blending, and packing).


January 7, 2023at 3:30 am

Please advise of ex-works price of your small avocado pulper


February 4, 2023at 11:45 am

Good day,
How much do you sell the Avocado Pasting Machine unit? For shipping purposes, in which country do you sell from?

Thank you.

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