Avocado Oil Press Delivery For Mexican Customer

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Avocado Oil Press Delivery For Mexican Customer

Recently we’ve delivered a set of Hydraulic Oil Press to Mexico.

All Kinds of Oil Raw Material Available

This customer has avocado fruits plantations and fruit sales business. During every harvest season of avocado fruits, they will select and sell the fruits that have nice looking peel and shape.  Normally people are happy to buy nice looking fruits in the market.

About the other avocado fruits that cannot be sold, the fruits are normally abandoned beside the plantations. Actually such fruits still contain the same nutrition and oil contents. The Mexican customer has sensed that it’s a big loss to treat such fruits as waste. Actually it’s a very good business opportunity to extract oil from such avocado fruits. Because avocado oil has very wide utilization and high value.

avocado-fruits     cutted-avocado-fruits

With the help of SIMEC, the Mexican customer has found the right technology and machine to extract oil from avocado fruits. In April, he ordered 1 set of avocado oil press. This will be a pilot project in his Mexican avocado plantations. When his workers are familiar with the oil press operation, he will order 5 more sets to expand avocado oil production. So now he can convert all the avocado fruits into wealth – sell nice looking fruits to the market; extract oil from other avocado fruits and sell the oil.

avocado-oil-press-delivery-package     avocado-oil-press-packageing

Because of the high value of avocado oil and considerable market demand, it is possible that oil extraction business will bring more income to this customer.

We look forward to the success of his avocado oil business.



November 6, 2016at 1:38 am

Hello dear, i am really interested in oil press machine especially for avocado oil, neem oil. Baobab seeds oil, cashew oil and mango. Please make me sole suggestions, price and quotation on fob

Best regards,

boniface mwangi

November 18, 2016at 3:44 pm

hello, i am a kenyan and i wish to buy the avocado oil extraction machine. please tell me the price and how i buy it. call me through 254700631290

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