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 Avocado Oil Press Delivery to Kenya

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At present, the main players in China’s avocado market include Peru, Mexico and Chile, while China’s domestic production is also increasing year by year. Kenya’s fresh avocados gained long-awaited market access to China in June 2022, and Tanzania, another major African avocado producer, gained market access to China in November 2022.

Kenya has ideal climatic conditions for growing avocados, and the country’s low humidity and mild climate ensure stable yields and desirable flavors. Kenya produces more than 40 species of avocados, the main three varieties being Hass, Fuerte and Jumbo, and the main varieties exported and gaining market access to China are Haas.

Kenyan avocado exports continued from mid-March to mid-November. On August 2, 2022, the first batch of Kenyan fresh avocados departed for China, and Kenya was the first African country to export fresh avocados to China. In 2022, Kenya exported more than US$ 57 million worth of “green gold” to China.

The Avocado Society of Kenya believes that China is the world’s most potential avocado demander, and it is expected that China’s avocado imports and domestic production will increase in the next few years. ASOK has made it a priority to produce more avocados to increase the supply of exports to China. Shipments will begin at the beginning of the 2023 harvest season, i.e. from March, and exports are expected to more than double in the 2023 season.


However, not all avocados meet the quality requirements for export to China. The reason for non-compliance may be due to color, size, shape and so on. They cannot be sold directly as fruit, but they still contains nutrients and oil. To develop the value of such non-compliance avocados, a wisdom Chinese entrepreneur decided to invest in the production of avocado oil, adopting SIMEC cold pressing technology. SIMEC avocado oil press machine is easy to operate and run in automatic mode. The business development strategy is to lease machines to avocado farmers and train them to operate the machines. This will help to provide a large number of jobs to the local people and increase their income. The avocado oil can be exported to China and Europe. SIMEC avocado oil press can produce extra virgin avocado oil which can be sold as cosmetics raw material and edible oil. 

On 14th December 2022, Avocado Pulping Machine, Avocado Oil Press and Oil Purification Apparatus were delivered to Qingdao port and loaded on the ship to Kenya. Before delivery, all the machines have passed PVoC inspection. PVoC is the short of Product Verification of Conformity.

Packing Details:

NameOverall Dimensions
(L*W*H mm)
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Avocado Oil Press2420x1370x14004.6422002450
Avocado Pulping Machine1180x680x15201.22196220
Oil Purification Apparatus2580x960x19904.93488540

Photos Before Packaging:


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