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Malaxing for Avocado Oil Extraction

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Ripened avocado fruits are premium for the extraction of extra virgin avocado oil. A peeling & pitting machine will remove peel and pit from avocado fruit, then make the pulp to be paste form.

To improve oil extraction efficiency, a malaxing process is important to condition the avocado paste. Extra virgin avocado oil is smooth and presents emerald green. So a low temperature malaxing process with minimal time is required to reduce oxidation of avocado pulp paste. The malaxer should be constantly monitored for temperature.

SIMEC technology can process many varieties of avocados, such as Criollos, Choquette, Carla, Popenoe, Semil 34, Benny, Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton and Reed. With regard to the temperature in the malaxer, it should be less than 45℃ taking into account the possibility to add the use of an enzyme process to increase oil yield.

Avocado-Malaxer Roasting-Malaxer 

We produce both large scale malaxing system and small scale malaxer.

In the 2nd week of March 2022, a malaxing machine is ready for shipment to Uganda. This client has started avocado oil production since 2021, using HOP50/280 avocado oil press, avocado pasting machine and oil purification apparatus. To optimize processing technique, he decided to order advanced avocado malaxing machine to replace of manual malaxing. Predictably, both the efficiency and yield of his avocado oil mill will be improved.

The malaxing machine uses thermal oil to heat the pan body, which is evenly and stably heated and has high energy efficiency. The malaxing temperature and stirring speed can be set to meet the requirements of different productions. It’s designed to run in full automatic mode. Since it’s a roasting malaxing process, beside avocado paste malaxing, the machine can also roast oil seeds. It is convenient to use, reliable in action and strong in comprehensive ability.

 Avocado-Malaxing-Machine Malaxer-Machine

Packing details of SIMEC avocado malaxer and spare parts are included in the table below.

DescriptionQTYPacking Dimensions
Malaxing Machine1 SET1650x1960x1820 mm5.89 m³606 KGS698 KGS
Filtration Cloth
(for oil press)
500 M1100x900x550 mm0.55 m³125 KGS130 KGS
Total 6.44 m³731 KGS828 KGS

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