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Screw Oil Press

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SIMEC household screw oil press can continuously squeeze a variety of raw materials, with fast speed, good oil quality and good taste, and the oil output rate is as high as 98%. After feeding, the oil will be squeezed automatically, without material jam or blockage, and the oil can be delivered smoothly, without the need for special personnel to supervise the whole process. The oil press has the characteristics of simple operation, high processing efficiency, and full automation.

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The whole oil press machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, in which the pressing cavity is made of 316 material, and the pressing screw is made of 304 material. The machine adopts a side oil outlet design, which can directly fill oil into a container, which is convenient and quick. The large size feed port ensures smooth feed.

SIMEC has designed a variety of press screws for different raw materials to achieve the highest oil extraction rate. Use high-quality motor and reducer to extend the service life. The pressing temperature can be adjusted freely from 0 to 400 degrees Celsius to adapt to more raw materials.

SIMEC home use screw oil press is movable, equipped with lockable swivel casters. The machine can run 24 hours continuously.

Technical Parameters:

Type SOP3061
Motor Power 1500 W
Electric Heating Power 380 W
Power Supply 220 Volts, 50 Hz.
Net Weight 23 KG
Overall Dimensions 480*300*490 MM


Demo of peanut, flaxseed, rapeseed, black sesame and tea seed oil pressing:

Capacity parameters for processing different raw materials:

Raw Material Process Capacity per Hour Oil Yield per Hour
Peanut 7.5 kg 3 kg
Rapeseed 10 kg 3.75 kg
Tea Seed 5 kg 1.85 kg
Sesame 10 kg 4.5 kg
Sunflower Seed 7.5 kg 3.5 kg
Flaxseed 5 kg 1.75 kg
Walnut 5 kg 2.25 kg
Soybean 10 kg 1.25 kg


How to Install, Disassemble and Clean the Screw Oil Press?


SIMEC household screw oil press machine is delivered with the following additional spare parts: stainless steel pot, power cable, filter, stainless steel cleaning brush, gloves, pressing screws 3 sets.

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