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Oil Purification Apparatus

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CJG750x2 oil purification apparatus is designed to separate solid impurity and water from avocado oil. It mainly consist of oil filtrator, settling tanks, oil pump, mobile mechanism, oil/water discharge outlets.

The oil filtrator mainly filters the gas and solid impurities contain in oil-water mixed liquid to clean it.

Oil-Filter-02 Oil-Filter

The apparatus adopts static settling separation technology. Dual settling tanks will ensure continuous operation matched with avocado oil press.

The steel frame of the apparatus adopts high strength and high quality carbon steel, which ensures the reliable operation of the purification apparatus. High-grade stainless steel is used in all the parts where the oil mixed liquid is in contact with. The apparatus meets the standard of food grade equipment.

oil-purification-device oil-purification-apparatus-rear-view



1. Temperature of oil mixed liquid should be lower than 70℃.

2. Maximum volume of each settling tank is 750L.

3. Purification capacity is matched with one set of HOP50/280 avocado oil press machine.

4. Power: 810 w. Filtration Pressure 0.3 MPa.

5. Overall Size: 2700*1300*2070mm

avocado-oil-purification-apparatus oil-purification-apparatus



1. Low energy consumption.

2. Mobile design. Continuous operation.

3. Anti corrosion and durable operation design.

4. All sealing parts adopt food grade silicone rubber seal rings,they are non-toxic, non-leakage and with good sealing performance.

5. The oil filtrator has a wide range of accuracy, wide selectivity and can meet various application occasions.

oil-purification-apparatus-front-view Oil-Purification-Apparatus-back-view
avocado-oil-purification oil-purification-apparatus-side-view


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