Avocado Oil Press in Tanzania

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Avocado Oil Press in Tanzania

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SIMEC HOP series hydraulic oil presses are ideal for anyone who desires to produce their own plantation oil for edible oil, bio-fuels, cosmetic raw material, etc. Driven by the hydraulic system with Max 50 MPA pressure, SIMEC oil press can process various of oil raw materials such as avocado, coconut, cocoa beans, olive, peanut, soybean, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds etc. Without any heating device on the hydraulic oil press, cold pressing technology is available for all of applicable oil raw materials. The cold high pressure processing technology will not destroy nutrition and active substance.


Double Barrel Oil Press

One of our Tanzania customers, who has the avocado oil plantation, is using our HOP-50/280 Hydraulic Oil Press to process the avocado oil for cosmetic makers. The avocado is processed into paste firstly, then hydraulic oil machine presses the oil from the paste. Standing the output avocado oil-water mixture for several hours, the avocado oil can be filled in bottles for selling or next deep processing. Adopted with double barrel design, 4-5 tons/day of avocado fruits can be processed by the HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press.

The customer has ordered the other set of hydraulic oil press for capacity expansion.

Here is the video of the avocado oil processing with SIMEC avocado hydraulic oil press in Tanzania.

SIMEC hydraulic oil press, high pressure and low power consumption, will make your oil making business successful. Please do no hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in our avocado oil press.


Beth Muthoni Kabathi

November 5, 2016at 3:06 am

Hello, I am from Kenya. I am interested in the avocado oil pressing machine. What’s the price?


September 20, 2017at 5:25 am

hi…i would like to get an invoice for this machine…Kindly get back.

Irene Mwaisame

March 13, 2018at 1:08 pm

Hello.. i would like to get avocado oil in bulk. Is it possible. I live in Dar es Salaam.

    Twahir Nzallawahe

    May 8, 2018at 7:35 pm

    Indeed we have plenty of avocado oil welcome.

Johnson Karimi

June 25, 2018at 12:48 pm

I am interested in this machine, please send me a quote on the 2 barrel machine detailing what it does and whether i need any other machine from peeling to oil pressing.


June 11, 2019at 6:17 am

Send me a quote and brochure for the machine. Do you have a bigger one? Maybe 10 tons a day.


February 18, 2020at 4:05 pm

hellow. i am in Tanzania,
may i know the quotation of double barrel cold press mashine for avicado, coconut, castprseed, neem seed.
also advise shipping cost tp Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Hillary mshomi

September 20, 2020at 4:59 pm

How can I get the machine? How much? I have 150 avocado trees here in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro place called Mwika! Very serious!!!! 0769447909

Ssezi alice

October 19, 2020at 5:45 pm

Hi this is ssezi from Uganda am interested in ground nuts & avocado oil making machine
I need for 500kg, send the caution please

Munir Mehamed

March 31, 2021at 8:58 pm

How can the oil and water separates since your machine press wet /fresh avocado ?
Does it separate easily by matter Density ?

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