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Avocado Oil Extraction Process

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This video presents avocado oil extraction process by using SIMEC avocado malaxer and HOP50/280 hydraulic oil press.

To improve oil extraction efficiency, a malaxing process is important to condition the avocado paste. HOP50/280 hydraulic oil press adopts cold processing technology to make virgin & pure avocado oil. There’s no heating or temperature rise during oil extraction process. It provides 380 tons vertical force to ensure the oil extraction rate.

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Cocoa Butter Press Machine Shipped to Malaysia

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On April 25, 2022, a set of HOP40/250 hydraulic cocoa butter press machine was shipped to Pasir Gudang Port, Malaysia. This client is large and award-winning cocoa product manufacturer in the world. SIMEC cocoa butter press was initially purchased by the same client in 2017. It’s still working well so far. However, the client purchased new machine again this year to expand the production of extra-virgin cocoa butter.


Cocoa butter is very important ingredient for single origin chocolate, as it forms the continuous phase of chocolate. It is responsible for the gloss, texture, and typical melting behavior of chocolate.

Cocoa butter is also one of the most popular ingredients in cosmetics. The fatty acids in its composition makes it ideal for soothing dry skin on your hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Cocoa butter itself is a great lip balm.

The coco butter is pressed from the cocoa mass/liquor. Before cocoa liquor pressing, there’re a few steps of pretreatment process which is cocoa bean fermentation, crushing and milling. Good liquor preparation helps to achieve a high pressing result of cocoa butter extraction. SIMEC colloid mill is the key equipment to make high quality cocoa mass/liquor. The cocoa mass/liquor is then pressed into cocoa butter and cocoa cake by SIMEC hydraulic oil press. The melting point of the pure prime pressed cocoa butte ranges from 34℃ to 38 ℃, it melts at body temperature.

Cocoa Liquor Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa liquor itself consists of two components; cocoa butter and cocoa powder. In a cocoa press the ‘solids’ (cocoa powder) and the ‘liquids’ (cocoa butter) are separated by pushing the liquor down against cloth bags in a perforated stainless steel chamber. The cloth bag is designed to let the butter pass through but to keep the ‘solids’ inside the chamber. Separating the cocoa butter from the solids requires an large amount force, about 380 tons provided by SIMEC cocoa butter press machine, then the ‘solids’ come out as hard as a brick, which is referred to as ‘cocoa cake’ and is later grinded into cocoa powder.

The advantage of hydraulic pressing is that it creates no sheer forces on the product and allows for exact control of the volume of cocoa butter pressed out ensuring optimum product quality. As a complete solution for efficient cocoa butter pressing, SIMEC cocoa butter press machine is designed and manufactured to meet the latest global industry requirements. It comes with two pieces of perforated barrels in which the cocoa liquor is pressed into cocoa butter and cocoa cake.


The barrels and all the other cocoa liquor and butter contact parts are made of high quality food grade stainless steel. Patented perforated material barrel is precisely processed by CNC machining, reaching to mirror effect through polishing.

In the cocoa butter presses, the butter is separated from the cake. Butter runs out through holes in the barrels, then drips through the dripping trays into a central butter channel and is collected in the butter vessel.

The properties of the cocoa liquor will influence the behavior of the cocoa butter press, so the pressing cycles are adjustable and flexible. The control system will continuously adjust the power supplied to the main hydraulic ram to optimize pressing performance to the liquor. Robust design, easy setting and operation.

The cocoa butter press machine was packed in a steel case and shipped to Malaysia by sea.

Packing Details & Photos:

NameNet WeightGross WeightPacking Dimensions
Cocoa Butter Press Machine1700 kgs1820 kgs2420x1420x1380 mm
Cocoa-Butter-Press Packing_JB CocoaCocoa-Butter-Press-Machine-JB Cocoa

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Extra Virgin Flaxseed Oil Press Delivery To Egypt

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Flax is one of the oldest crops, as it has been cultivated since the beginning of civilization. The Latin name for flax means “very useful”. That’s because every part of the flax plant can be utilized. Today, flaxseed oil is used as dietary supplements for constipation, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, and other conditions.

flaxseed-plantation flaxseed

Flaxseed oil comes from the seeds of flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). Cold pressed Extra Virgin Flaxseed Oil contains the best and most abundant sources of vegetable-based, vital omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in nature, which are both polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that the body is unable to produce, but are necessary to human health. They are associated with benefits such as reduced inflammation, improved heart health and protection for the brain against aging. The cold pressed Extra Virgin Flaxseed Oil can be used in salad dressings and in margarines for food, and also for medicine or cosmetics.

flaxseed-oil packed-flaxseed-oil

One of our clients from Egypt has a century-long family owned company, focusing on providing top quality Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Plant Oil and other natural products. With the rapidly increased market demand of cold pressed Extra Virgin Flaxseed oil, the Egyptian company decided to upgrade its current production facilities to meet the increasing orders.

After learning about SIMEC hydraulic cold press technology and being convinced by users of SIMEC machines, the Egyptian client took a special visit to one of SIMEC fabrication mills for hydraulic oil press. Being satisfied with SIMEC fabrication technology and performance of the live demonstration, our client placed a trial purchase order of two sets of SIMEC HOP50/280 stainless steel hydraulic oil press machines which were designed to produce Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Flaxseed Oil.

flaxseed-oil-cold-press cold-pressed-flaxseed-oil-press
hydraulic-oil-press-for-extra-virgin-flaxseed-oil flaxseed-oil-hydraulic-oil-press

SIMEC is committed to the R&D of cold pressing technology for producing various Extra Virgin Plant Oil. HOP50/280 hydraulic oil press is the most efficient machine with a maximum of 380 tons vertical press force working on flaxseed material. Such great press force contributes to increasing oil extraction efficiency and minimizing residual oil ratio of oil cake. Automatic operation design helps to improve production efficiency and make the machine handy operation. All parts in contact with oil material and oil are made of food grade SUS 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant, hygienic and durable. 

SS304-Material-Barrel Stainless-Steel-Material-Barrel

Two sets of flaxseed oil press machines have been shipped from Qingdao Port to Alexandra Port on July 30, 2019.

Packing Details:

HOP50/280 Hydraulic Oil Press 1 PKG 2350 KGS 2193 KGS 5.03 CBM
HOP50/280 Hydraulic Oil Press 1 PKG 2350 KGS 2193 KGS 5.03 CBM
TOTAL amount 2 PKGS 4700KGS 4386KGS 10.06 CBM


Packing and Loading:

flaxseed-oil-cold-press-loading flaxseed-oil-hydraulic-press-loading



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An Egyptian client made a special trip to visit SIMEC hydraulic oil press fabrication mill in the last week of May. His company is engaged in producing quality cold-pressed plant oil and seed oil for food and cosmetic industries. As his business grows rapidly, he is seeking for cold oil press with higher productivity, excellent performance, outstanding reliability and durability. The client made his decision to visit us based on his long-term review of SIMEC hydraulic oil press and positive feedback from its end users.

During the client’s visit, we were preparing Delivery Reports and Quality Certificates for five sets of stainless steel HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press machines ordered by other 3 customers. The fabrication mill’s advanced processing equipment and precise processing technology satisfied our client and met his positive expectation for SIMEC hydraulic oil press.

simec-oil-press-fabrication-mill egyptian-client-visit-oil-press-fabrication-mill

We offered a detailed and live demonstration for processing cold-pressed peanut oil from 20 kg crushed raw peanut by using SIMEC HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press. The client was very satisfied with the entire demonstration, especially for operational process and results. 8 kg of extra virgin peanut oil, clear and pure, was extracted by the hydraulic oil press with 380 tons vertical press force.

egyptian-client-test-oil-press cold-pressed-peanut-oil

The client placed an order for two sets of HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press machines in the afternoon after his visit, which would be a good start for our long-term cooperation. The two sets of hydraulic oil press machines will be shipped to Alexandria port in the end of June.

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Hemp-Seed Oil Press Delivered to the US

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Hemp-seed oil is a nutritious oil made from the seeds of cannabis plants through cold pressing technology. It has a dark to clear light green color and a natural, mild nutty flavor for salads and sauces. As an edible cooking oil, the hemp-seed oil is often described as a “superfood” containing important nutrients including amino acids, fiber, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as a range of important vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphorus etc. However, because the hemp seed oil contains linoleic acid, it is best not to heat it when cooking. Hemp seed oil can also be infused into skin care and body care products to nourish skin, nails and hair.

cannabis-plants cannabis-seeds
hemp-seed-oil hemp-seed-oil-for-cooking


SIMEC specializes in plant oil cold pressing technology and has many years of practical experience in extracting a variety kind of oil raw materials. One of the reputable function foods suppliers in the US has purchased one set of SIMEC HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press to produce hemp-seed oil. multifunction-hydraulic-oil-pressThe working pressure of this hydraulic cold oil press can reach maximum 60 MPa, which means that the raw materials was pressed by a Max. 380 tons of vertical press force during the extraction. Under such great mechanical pressure, hemp seed oil is extracted at room temperature.

The two glittering material barrels made of food grade ss304 stainless steel are obtained through the ultra-precise CNC lathe machining. The wall thickness of the final material barrels is 16 mm, so that they are adequate for the heavy applied loads and deflections etc. In addition to the two barrels, the other parts and components directly in contact with raw material or oil are made of food grade ss304 stainless steel as well.

The holes on the barrels are drilled automatically by the self-designed digital controlled drilling machines, which ensures the precise machining and reliable quality consistency. The holes on the barrels are specially arrayed, and the hole pattern is distinctively designed. As a result, the oil flows out of the holes smoothly.

The client has already finished the commissioning and started the normal production of hemp-seed oil. The hydraulic oil press was well packaged, preventing the movement and corrosion during the transportation. The detailed packing information and photos are as follows:

Packing size: 2720 x 1500 x 1650 mm

Weight: 2436 kg

Photos of machine & Packing:

hydraulic-oil-press automatic-hydraulic-oil-press
hemp-seed-oil-press glittering-material-barrel
packaged-oil-press well-packaged-hydraulic-oil-press

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Hydraulic Oil Press Delivered to Ukraine

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M PLUS GROUP, one of the largest cold press oil manufacturers in the Europe, has booked one set of SIMEC stainless steel HOP-50/280 Hydraulic Oil Press for their cold vegetable oil production.

The company is engaged in the production of cold press high-quality vegetable oils in Ukraine. They will use our stainless steel hydraulic oil press to produce over 17 different kinds of virgin vegetable oils, such as Amaranth seed oil, Black cumin seed oil, Camelina oil, Cedar nuts oil, Poppy oil, Sunflower seeds oil, Hemp oil, Walnut oil, Cherry seed oil, Sea buckthorn oil, Sesame oil, Black mustard oil, Chilli seed oil, Corn oil, Fig seed oil, Flax oil, Mustard oil, Milk thistle oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Rosehip oil etc.


Awarded with certifications of EU Organic Standard and ISO, our client exports their organic cold press vegetable oil to European countries, the US, India and the CIS countries.

 eu-organic-standard  natural-product  iso

The purchased stainless steel HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press was customized according to the client’s requirement. All of the parts in contact with the raw materials were made of food grade SS304 stainless steel.

With Max. 50 Mpa working pressure, the hydraulic oil press generates 380 tons pressure force to the oil raw materials. Under such great pressure, most of the virgin oil will be pressed out from the raw materials at room temperature.

The manufacturing of the HOP-50/280 hydraulic oil press has already been finished. After packing, the machine would be shipped to Kiev Port, Ukraine.

SIMEC Hydraulic Oil Press presses any virgin oil. Please feel free to inquire us at info@simecoilpress.com.

Here are some photos and the packing data of the oil press:







Packing size: 2720 x 1500 x 1650 mm

Weight: 2436 kg

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Brief Introduction of Moringa Seed Oil

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What is Moringa Seed Oil?
Moringa seed is the seed of moringa oleifera, moringa seed oil is extracted from the moringa seed, rich in nutrients. Moringa seed oil is a kind of edible oil, functions of moringa seed oil is affluent in daily life. Some people use moringa seed oil to achieve cosmetic purposes.

Moringa seed oil is a woody vegetable oil with a trade name called “Ben oil” or “Behen oil”. Compared with other vegetable oils, moringa seed oil has unique characteristics, that is, excellent oxidation resistance, no additives or preservatives need to be added during its storage. Even so, it can be preserved at room temperature for about a year without spoilage, rancidity, and will not produce peculiar smell, which is particularly noticeable in the cosmetics industry today. Because there is a key problem in the modern cosmetics manufacturing industry, how to solve the problem of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, at the same time, the added antioxidants should not have any toxic side effects, moringa seed oil may be able to assume this responsibility.

Main Chemical Component of Moringa Seed Oil
The chemical composition of moringa seed oil was studied as early as 1848. The results showed that there is a high-melting fatty acid, Behenic acid, in moringa seed oil, which is now known as Moringa seed oil acid. The trade name of ancient moringa seed oil is called “Behen oil” because oil contains this acid.

In recent years, there have been many different perspectives of research involving the chemical composition and properties of moringa seed oil. In these studies, it was described that moringa seed oil extracted from moringa seed at low temperatures is a mild non-drying oil with pale yellow color and a typical nutty taste. There are about 40% oil contas in moringa oil seed. There have been many studies on the fatty acid composition in recently. Although the test data of the fatty acids various because there are differences in the analytical techniques and the source of the sample, overall, in moringa oil, the content of oleic acid is between 62% and 78%. If all unsaturated fatty acids are added together, the total unsaturated fatty acid content is much higher than 80%. It is thus clear that moringa seed oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Secondly, the content of behenic acid, is also high, ranging from 4% to 8%.

The Use and Efficacy of Moringa Seed Oil
As the fatty acid composition of moringa seed oil is very similar to that of olive oil, especially the oleic acid content, it can be compared with olive oil and tea oil in the use of edible oil, and is known as the three sisters of high-grade healthy edible oil. If there is anything more remarkable than the two sisters, it is more saturated than the two of them, more resistant to frying, more resistant to corruption than two of them, of course, the price is many higher than both of them.
In fact, if the moringa seed oil is used for cooking, it is obviously a bit overqualified, its best function should be in medicine or cosmetics, this will match its expensive price. It can also better reflect its efficacy in many aspects such as sterilization, lipid-lowering, blood pressure lowering, gastrointestinal function regulation, liver protection, anti-ultraviolet radiation, emollient, nutritive hair, and moisturizing.

1. Cold pressed Moringa seed oil contains natural antioxidants that make it stable and resistant to spoilage. The results showed that the thermal stability and oxidation stability of the oil extracted by cold pressing were better, the peroxide formed by pure physical pressing process was 79% less than that of peanut oil, and the increase of free fatty acid was obviously lower than that of refined peanut oil. The cold pressing process retains the nutrients in the moringa seed, its characters will not be changed because of high temperature, and the physical cold pressing also reduces the process cost. The moringa seed oil used in beauty products and pharmaceutical products must be extracted by cold pressing method.


2. Moringa seed oil is not only a safe, non-toxic high-quality edible oil, but also very suitable for use as a flavor excipient, is an excellent raw material for flavor, cosmetics, preservatives because of its low viscosity. Research shows that moringa seed oil has anti-ultraviolet properties, can protect the body from ultraviolet radiation damage, therefore it can be used to develop related sunscreen products. According to the reports, moringa seed oil is also used as grease for precision machinery in spaceflight, hyperthermia, high pressure and other special conditions.

3. Moringa seed oil also contains phytosterols such as β-sitosterol, vegetable oil sterols, etc. Phytosterol is a kind of substances that very similar in structure to cholesterol and have a cholesterol-lowering effect without significant side effects. It is very important to human health. The length of oxidation induction period of edible oil directly determines the speed of oxidation and the length of storage period. The longer the oxidation induction period, the better its safety and stability. The oxidation induction period of moringa seed oil was 34.1 h, which is 4 times, 10 times, 9 times, and 12 times longer than that of olive oil, corn germ oil, peanut oil, and soybean oil respectively, and its stability was high. It was not easy to oxidize and corrupt, it is an excellent edible oil.

4. Moringa seed oil rich in a variety of vitamins A, B, C, E and other ingredients, the toxicity of more than 17 times times higher than other plants, can effectively resist the invasion of toxic substances, reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays. At the same time, its outstanding moisturizing effect also has excellent results in preventing skin sagging and aging. It can lock skin moisture in time, improve pigment deposition, brighten skin tone, firm skin, and solve various skin problems such as damage, dryness, and sensitivity. Due to its unique high oxidation resistance, it has very good wrinkle removal, moisturizing and anti-aging effects. It contains a variety of plant nutrients that can continuously promote collagen production, regenerate skin cells, prevent oxidation, aging, and damage to the skin caused by sun exposure, wind, radiation, and fatigue, and restore skin’s tenderness as new, smooth and delicate. Therefore, moringa seed oil can also be used as beauty skin care products.

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Hydraulic Oil Press Delivery to South Africa

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Apricot kernel oil and pomegranate seed oil producer from South Africa has purchased Hydraulic Oil Press made by SIMEC to develop his oil business. The oil machine is HOP40/250 type dual barrels, equipped with 3kw electric motor single phase/220V/50Hz. While one material barrel is in working condition, the other material barrel can be filled with raw materials. It’s fast to fill up the barrel. One worker can operate three sets of oil press machines at the same time.

pomegranate-seed-oilSIMEC cold pressing technology guarantees to produce 100% cold pressed apricot krnel oil and pomegranate seed oil. Both of them have high add-value and are widely used as additive in high-quality cosmetics. Pomegranate seed oil can be used in pharmacy also, it can protect the body’s immune system, prevent atherosclerosis, reduce cancer, and help the body fight with cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

And only cold pressing technology can produce quality oil which requires process temperature should be under 60℃.It’s able to keep the nutrition of oil crops itself and avoid degeneration of oil product extremely.

This set of oil press will be wrapped by protection packing material and be fixed in steel crate, then be shipped from Qingdao Port to Durban Port, South Africa.

Packing details:
Overall Size: 2500 mm * 1500 mm * 1450 mm (L*W*H)
Gross Weight: 1710 kg

hop40520-oil-press pomegranate-seed-oil-press
drilling-on-the-oil-barrel oil-press-machine-tools
oil-press-in-iron-cage packed-oil-press

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Main Compositions and Benefits of Avocado Oil

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What is Avocado Oil:

avocado-oil-functionsAvocado oil is the oil extruded from avocado fruit, it is a kind of viscous oil with strong permeability, unrefined avocado oil is dark green with no noticeable odor. The crude avocado oil is mainly used in the cosmetic industry, while the refined avocado oil can be used in the food industry.

Avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, while promoting the absorption of carotenoids and other nutrients. Avocado oil can be used to cook, high temperature resistance, smoke point (271 °C) is much higher than the average vegetable oil.

Main Nutrients of Avocado Oil:

Nutrient content Per 1/8 bottle (30ml)  Per 100ml
Heat 1,005kJ (240Cal) 3350kJ (801Cal)
Protein 0g 0g
Fat 27g 90g
Saturated fat 3.9g 13g
Trans fat 0g 0g
Polyunsaturated fat 2.4g 8g
Monounsaturated fat 20.7g 69g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 mg
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
Sugar 0g 0g
Dietary fiber 0g 0g
Sodium (Na) 1.5 mg (Max) 5 mg (Max)
Vitamin E 3.6 mg 12 mg
β- sitosterol 146.1 mg 487 mg

Avocado Oil Fatty Acid Composition:

The oil content of avocado is generally between 15~30%, and the main fatty acids are oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, palm oil acid and stearate. Avocado fat content is a high level (15.3g/100g) among the fruits, monounsaturated fat is the main fat type of avocado oil, count about 74% of the total fat content.

Avocado Oil (producing area:Spain)
Fatty acid composition Appearance time/min Peak area Content/%
Octadecatrienoic acid 19.983 47754.6 0.398
Palmitoleic acid 22.046 273757.4 2.280
Octadecadienoic acid 26.723 2793566 23.263
Palmitic acid 34.805 1087651 9.057
Oleic acid 38.798 7411198.5 61.715
Stearic acid 71.704 211976.5 1.805

Manufacturing Process of Avocado Oil:

All Kinds of Oil Raw Material AvailableThe traditional production method of avocado oil is to slice and dry the avocado, press at high temperature, and then extract it with organic solvents. The process of slicing and drying is time-consuming and complicated, and high temperature pressing makes the bioactive substances in avocado, such as vitamin E, sterol, carotenoids, etc. lose a lot, destroy the oil cells, promote protein denaturation, and reduce oil viscosity. SIMEC hydraulic oil press adopts cold press, the nutrients in the oil are preserved completely, which is more in line with the needs of the human body.

Storage of Avocado Oil:

Unrefined avocado oil is easy to preserve, but not suitable for refrigeration. Because some of the compositions in avocado oil will precipitate due to low temperature, there is a slight turbidity phenomenon, and sometimes even sediment. Avocado oil will solidify at 0℃ and return to liquid form at room temperature.

Effects of Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil products are suitable for people with dry or aging skin, suffering from eczema, psoriasis. For skin damage caused by sunlight or climate, such as dehydration or malnutrition, the effect is very excellent. In addition, avocado oil has the function of regenerating the skin and softening the skin tissue. Avocado oil is easily absorbed by deep tissue and can effectively soften skin tissue, moisturizing effect is obvious, It can relieve eczema and psoriasis, so it is especially suitable for resisting skin aging.


Avocado oil manufactured by SIMEC client from Tanzania, the hydraulic oil press he uses is Model Hop50-280.

  1. Moisturizing

The biggest and most basic function of avocado oil is moisturizing, because it contains a lot of vitamin D and lecithin, there is no doubt in the role of moisturizing, avocado oil is particularly suitable for dry skin, long-term lack of moisture in the skin tends to lose its elasticity, and aging also comes with it. Avocado oil as a basic essential oil for skin care, its main effect is moisturizing, suitable for people with dry skin.

  1. Skin Whitening 

Avocado oil also has a certain degree of whitening effect, avocado oil mixed with lemon oil, chamomile essential oil, etc., can dilute the stain to achieve whitening effect.

  1. Slimming

Slimming effect of avocado oil is also popular. Using avocado oil to massage the body can help eliminate edema and help eliminate excess water in the body, so as to achieve the effect of slimming the body, often combines with essential oils such as rosemary, lemon, and cinnamon.

  1. Hypertension Preventing

Avocado oil contains unsaturated fatty acids that can help lower cholesterol and clear blood vessels, thereby preventing cardiovascular disease, especially for high blood pressure.


Skin surface softening, high penetration, relieve muscle relaxation, repair skin damage, moisturizing, softening and anti-wrinkle to prevent aging, skin moisturizing, treatment dermatitis, etc..

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To Make Cocoa Butter with Hydraulic Oil Press

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Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean. It is used to make chocolate, as well as some ointments, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Cocoa butter has a cocoa flavor and aroma.

Processing of cocoa butter is not complex. Firstly cocoa beans are cleaned, roasted, stripped and milled into cocoa liquor. Then the liquor is pressed at a high pressure to separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids.

Melting point of the cocoa butter is just below human body temperature, at the ranges from 34.1℃ to 36.5 ℃. Cocoa butter contains a high proportion of saturated fats, derived from stearic and palmitic acids. Unlike cocoa solids, cocoa butter has no more than trace amounts of caffeine and theobromine.

SIMEC HOP series high pressure hydraulic oil press can extrude the cocoa butter out from the cocoa liquor. The oil press consists of hydraulic pressure station, hydraulic cylinder, double raw material barrels, control cabinet and body frame, etc.. The press force reaches to 380 tons. The cocoa butter oil press is easy to operate, maintain, and clean.


All of the parts which contact with the raw materials are made of food grade 304 stainless steel, completely meet the GMP standard.




stainless steel barrels

stainless steel press piston


We have just supplied one set of HOP-40/250 cocoa butter hydraulic oil press to JB Cocoa, one of the largest cocoa processor in Southeast Asia. They supply the cocoa powder, cocoa mass and butter to the chocolate producers.



The hydraulic oil press and spare parts, like oil seals, pipes, press clothes, etc. are packed in a steel crate. All of the cargos are wrapped with plastic film to prevent moisture and scratch during the transportation.

Packing Details:

Size: 2556*1552*1420 mm

Weight: 1660 kg


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Hydraulic Oil Press Delivery to Argentina

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One set of SIMEC Hydraulic Oil Press is ready for delivery to Buenos Aires Port, Argentina.

Type: HOP-50/280 dual barrels

Power: 380 Volts, 50 Hz, 3 Phase;

All the oil material touch parts are made of SS304 stainless steel, including ss304 food grade stainless steel material barrel, oil collect plate, etc.

Together with the delivery of oil press machine, there’re also some spare parts, including fabric cloth, hydraulic hose & seals, etc.

The machine will be shipped from Qingdao Port, China.




Below is the packing detail:

Overall size: length 2550mm x width 1550mm x height 1550mm.

Gross weight: 2500 Kg.

Total one set of steel crate package.

Our client will use this hydraulic oil press to make olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc. All the cold pressed oil will be supplied to local market. This first set will be tested in their oil mill plant, later they will expand production capacity by adding more sets of cold oil press. SIMEC technicians will keep in touch with client and make sure that both installation and commissioning will be successful.

Our client will also distribute SIMEC hydraulic oil press to the market of Argentina. There’re many local customers who need cold press technology to make oil for cosmetic industry, pharmacy industry and food industry. SIMEC will cooperate with this client to provide local after-sales service & technical assistant. Hope SIMEC technology & oil press machines will benefit more clients in Argentina.

Oil Press Before Packing:







Material Barrel & Control Cabinet:











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Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

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Pumpkin seed oil has certain benefits, it can help promote mental health and physical health. It’s full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory agencies, along with linoleic and oleic acid.

Here are what you need to know about this fruit’s potential health benefits.

Traditionally, pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds in general have been said to boost mood and ward off depression.

We all know that saturated fats aren’t good for healthy hearts. Pumpkin seed oil is actually an unsaturated fat, meaning it’s the “good” kind of fat. Unsaturated fats like pumpkin seed oil can actually promote a healthy heart. One study found that pumpkin seed oil not only helped lower cholesterol, but it also had anti-inflammatory effects. The oil has also been shown to lower blood pressure.



Health Effects on Men:

Pumpkin seed oil, along with palmetto oil, has shown promising results as an alternative therapy for benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH). A study of Korean men with BPH found that pumpkin seed oil may act as an effective alternative medicine with no adverse reactions. Participants in the study saw an improvement in symptoms, including better urinary flow. Researchers found that optimal results occurred when pumpkin seed oil was combined with palmetto oil. Pumpkin seed oil has been also linked to positive effects on hair growth especially for men.


Health Effects on Women:

In one study, pumpkin seed oil was found to help relieve some of the symptoms of menopause. This included a decrease in hot flashes, joint pain, and headaches. The women taking pumpkin seed oil also had an increase in their HDL levels, which is the “good” cholesterol.


How Pumpkin Seed Oil is Squeezed Out?

Making pumpkin seed oil is a complicated process. It involves roasting the pumpkin seeds at an optimum temperature. This ensures that none of the important fatty acids are damaged during heating. The roasted pumpkin seeds are then placed into a press, allowing the oil to be extracted from the seeds. While processing, the temperature should be also strictly controlled to prevent the important fatty acids from damaging. For pumpkin seed oil, the best press process is cold press.

SIMEC focus on the cold oil press technology, hydraulic oil cold press adopts hydraulic cylinder pressing craft, keep the complete oil press progress carries out at room temperature. The nutrition of oil would not be destroyed and the original flavor could be preserved. If you want to know more about the hydraulic oil cold press, please send your inquiry to info@simecoilpress.com.

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pumpkin seeds oil press

Pumpkin Seeds Oil Press Delivery to USA

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pumpkin seeds oil pressA very famous healthy SuperFood Mix producer in the USA has adopted SIMEC technology in their production line. SuperFood Mix is high in Quality Protein, high in Fiber, low in fat & oil content. The food mix is produced to Add Muscle, Lose Fat, Boost Energy, and Optimize Health.


stainless steel barrels

The main thing SIMEC oil press will be pressing is hulled pumpkin seed (GWS: grown without shells). The clients are mainly interested in the cake left after pressing as they will grind it and use it as a protein source in their products. Of course they also sell the oil but for them it isn’t their focus. With the help of cold press technology, the cake will be very high quality protein source. The cake will be grinded further to be pumpkin seed protein powder.


dual-barrels-1To meet US FDA compliant, all material touch parts of oil press are made of 304 food grade stainless steel, such as material barrels, oil collect plates, etc. Now the oil press is ready to be delivered to Miami, Florida, USA.

Oil press and spare parts are packing in one set of steel crate. Spare parts include hydraulic oil seals & pipeline, press cloths 20 pieces.


pumpkin seeds oil press

Packing details:

Gross weight: 2480 Kg

Packing size: Length 2500mm, width 1500mm, height 1500mm.

stainless steel press piston




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Hydraulic Oil Press Delivery To Vietnam

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SIMEC has delivered an automatic hydraulic oil press to Vietnam. Our client is going to use the machine to make cashew nut oil and coconut oil from desiccated coconut medium grade. Since SIMEC hydraulic oil press adopts cold press technology, our client can get very high quality extra virgin cashew nut oil and coconut oil. The oil will be sold as raw material for skincare products and ingredients for food industry. It’s regarded to be the best quality oil.

oil press packaged in steel case

Oil Press for Vietnam Client Packaged in Steel Case


Type: HOP50-280

Packing size: 2720 x 1660 x 1420mm, total 6.41 cubic meters.

Gross weight: 2660 Kg

Total 1 pc of steel crate.


SIMEC Cold Oil Press


SIMEC Cold Oil Press

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World Avocado Oil Market Expectation

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Avocado Market in Mexico

Mexico is the world’s largest avocado producing country, it provides 45% of the international avocado market, the other major producers are Chile, Indonesia, United States, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil and Peru in that order. Mexican avocado production is concentrated in Michoacán state in west central Mexico, accounting for 92% of the country’s production of the crop.

Global warming affects a lot to the European olive orchards and the reduction of olive output making avocado a rising market requirement. Exports of avocado in Mexico increased more than 4-fold in the period from 2000 to 2011, avocado oil business will develops faster and better than the olive oil.

Mexican avocado oil exported to Europe are generally being used as raw material for cosmetic products, because of its very high skin penetration and rapid absorption. While in native, it is usually used for healthy cooking, because it is high in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, and also an unusually high smoke point.


Avocado Oil Retail Prices in Mexico

Retail price of avocado oil is high, for example, generally a bottle avocado oil with 250ml capacity is over $3.75 USD, the 500ml price is over $6.32 USD.  But in Mexico, there are just a few companies which make avocado oil. Traditional processing method of avocado oil need to separate the fruit pulp, dry and extract the dried pulp with solvents at elevated temperatures. This processing method takes fussy steps and long time, some of the chemical characteristics would be changed by the high temperature.

SIMEC hydraulic oil press provides a new way for avocado oil extraction, fresh avocado fruits can be directly pressed by the equipment, saving the time of drying. Cold pressing technology maintain the health and freshness of avocado oil at maximum, and also greatly increase the hourly output of avocado oil, so manufacturers can get more economic benefits.

The following is the operation video of SIMEC avocado oil press:

Choosing the right equipment for avocado processing is of great meaning for avocado oil manufacturers to increase the production and economic efficiency. SIMEC can provide high quality avocado oil press as well as professional services for customers, please contact info@simecoilpress.com without hesitation to get the quotation!

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