How to Operate Hydraulic Oil Press

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How to Operate Hydraulic Oil Press

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How to operate hydraulic oil press?

From this demo video, you’ll know the detail steps to operate hydraulic oil press. Raw material is soya bean. Clean oil is extracted from soya bean by

cold pressing. There press process can be automatically. Because there’re two barrels, during one barrel of material is being pressed, the other barrel can be filled with oil material.

In the demo video, the oil press can process oil material at 150 Kg/Hour capacity.

If you have any other questions about the oil press operation, please leave message to us. SIMEC will provide more help.



June 2, 2019at 8:47 pm

Sir,We are looking for the price of hydraulic oil press two barrel,s.pls send me the price and thanks. Mushtaq Ahmed MAHEE INTERNATIONAL


September 15, 2019at 1:22 pm

We are looking for avocado oil making plant.. Please send us details & quotation for above

Patrick Ntemi

September 17, 2020at 8:21 am

Looking for a machine that presses only avocado oil. Pressing 1-5 tones a day.
How would it look like and what would be the costings.
I don’t need purifying, only pressing oil but with minimal residuals

Eduardo David Dabdoub Pa,

June 11, 2021at 2:07 pm

Sir I am looking for an hydraulic oíl press with a bucket capacity of 150kg at least( pressing capacity per batch 150kg), the parts I. Contact with the seed should be all Stainless Steel.
Send me the price for two bucket option.


June 20, 2021at 9:24 am

Send me quote for Soyabean hydraulic oil press quote to make 150 litres oil per hour along with oil purifier apparatus

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