Hydraulic Oil Press Delivery to UAE

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Hydraulic Oil Press Delivery to UAE

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Cold Oil Press for UAE

SIMEC Hydraulic Oil Press is ready for delivery to client from UAE. Our client is GMP manufacturer.

Type: HOP-50/280 dual barrels.

Power: 380 Volts, 50 Hz, 3 Phase;

including ss304 food grade stainless steel material barrel, oil collect plate, etc.

This oil press is designed to extract oil from different types of oil seeds, like jojoba, moringa, argan, sesame, etc.

Packing size: 2400 mm long, 1260 mm wide, 1410mm high

Gross weight: 2510 Kg.

The cold press oil machine will be delivered accordingly from Qingdao port to Mina Zaid port, Abu Dhabi, UAE, by LCL container.


Automatic Driller


Stainless Steel Barrel


Electric Control System


Our client is the only licensed manufacturer of herbal preparations in the Gulf Area. Their products have had tremendous success in treating untreated diseases such as Asthma, Eczema, Vitiligo, Hemorrhoid, Acne, Psoriasis, and other simple or serious skin problems. The results were extraordinary. Their preparations are licensed by Emirates Ministry of Health and are subjected to strict quality control measures with GMP certificate. All the products are natural and safe, and manufactured from fresh local herbs in high concentration to guarantee the efficacy.





Mohammad Hayir

August 3, 2017at 3:51 am

We are in need of olive pressing machine which can produce about 200 kg olive oil in one hour


September 9, 2017at 2:30 pm

Так же для получения напитка культивируют бенгальские и камерунские сорта данного растения.

Ngueku Jean

October 3, 2017at 11:24 am

Plse I’m in need of a small avocado oil extractor wich can priduice 5 – 10 liters oil per hour.
Voltage : 220 – 250 volts
Or manually

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