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Cocoa Butter Press Machine Shipped to Malaysia

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On April 25, 2022, a set of HOP40/250 hydraulic cocoa butter press machine was shipped to Pasir Gudang Port, Malaysia. This client is large and award-winning cocoa product manufacturer in the world. SIMEC cocoa butter press was initially purchased by the same client in 2017. It’s still working well so far. However, the client purchased new machine again this year to expand the production of extra-virgin cocoa butter.


Cocoa butter is very important ingredient for single origin chocolate, as it forms the continuous phase of chocolate. It is responsible for the gloss, texture, and typical melting behavior of chocolate.

Cocoa butter is also one of the most popular ingredients in cosmetics. The fatty acids in its composition makes it ideal for soothing dry skin on your hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Cocoa butter itself is a great lip balm.

The coco butter is pressed from the cocoa mass/liquor. Before cocoa liquor pressing, there’re a few steps of pretreatment process which is cocoa bean fermentation, crushing and milling. Good liquor preparation helps to achieve a high pressing result of cocoa butter extraction. SIMEC colloid mill is the key equipment to make high quality cocoa mass/liquor. The cocoa mass/liquor is then pressed into cocoa butter and cocoa cake by SIMEC hydraulic oil press. The melting point of the pure prime pressed cocoa butte ranges from 34℃ to 38 ℃, it melts at body temperature.

Cocoa Liquor Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa liquor itself consists of two components; cocoa butter and cocoa powder. In a cocoa press the ‘solids’ (cocoa powder) and the ‘liquids’ (cocoa butter) are separated by pushing the liquor down against cloth bags in a perforated stainless steel chamber. The cloth bag is designed to let the butter pass through but to keep the ‘solids’ inside the chamber. Separating the cocoa butter from the solids requires an large amount force, about 380 tons provided by SIMEC cocoa butter press machine, then the ‘solids’ come out as hard as a brick, which is referred to as ‘cocoa cake’ and is later grinded into cocoa powder.

The advantage of hydraulic pressing is that it creates no sheer forces on the product and allows for exact control of the volume of cocoa butter pressed out ensuring optimum product quality. As a complete solution for efficient cocoa butter pressing, SIMEC cocoa butter press machine is designed and manufactured to meet the latest global industry requirements. It comes with two pieces of perforated barrels in which the cocoa liquor is pressed into cocoa butter and cocoa cake.


The barrels and all the other cocoa liquor and butter contact parts are made of high quality food grade stainless steel. Patented perforated material barrel is precisely processed by CNC machining, reaching to mirror effect through polishing.

In the cocoa butter presses, the butter is separated from the cake. Butter runs out through holes in the barrels, then drips through the dripping trays into a central butter channel and is collected in the butter vessel.

The properties of the cocoa liquor will influence the behavior of the cocoa butter press, so the pressing cycles are adjustable and flexible. The control system will continuously adjust the power supplied to the main hydraulic ram to optimize pressing performance to the liquor. Robust design, easy setting and operation.

The cocoa butter press machine was packed in a steel case and shipped to Malaysia by sea.

Packing Details & Photos:

NameNet WeightGross WeightPacking Dimensions
Cocoa Butter Press Machine1700 kgs1820 kgs2420x1420x1380 mm
Cocoa-Butter-Press Packing_JB CocoaCocoa-Butter-Press-Machine-JB Cocoa

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