Main Compositions and Benefits of Avocado Oil

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Main Compositions and Benefits of Avocado Oil

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What is Avocado Oil:

avocado-oil-functionsAvocado oil is the oil extruded from avocado fruit, it is a kind of viscous oil with strong permeability, unrefined avocado oil is dark green with no noticeable odor. The crude avocado oil is mainly used in the cosmetic industry, while the refined avocado oil can be used in the food industry.

Avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, while promoting the absorption of carotenoids and other nutrients. Avocado oil can be used to cook, high temperature resistance, smoke point (271 °C) is much higher than the average vegetable oil.

Main Nutrients of Avocado Oil:

Nutrient content Per 1/8 bottle (30ml)  Per 100ml
Heat 1,005kJ (240Cal) 3350kJ (801Cal)
Protein 0g 0g
Fat 27g 90g
Saturated fat 3.9g 13g
Trans fat 0g 0g
Polyunsaturated fat 2.4g 8g
Monounsaturated fat 20.7g 69g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 mg
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
Sugar 0g 0g
Dietary fiber 0g 0g
Sodium (Na) 1.5 mg (Max) 5 mg (Max)
Vitamin E 3.6 mg 12 mg
β- sitosterol 146.1 mg 487 mg

Avocado Oil Fatty Acid Composition:

The oil content of avocado is generally between 15~30%, and the main fatty acids are oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, palm oil acid and stearate. Avocado fat content is a high level (15.3g/100g) among the fruits, monounsaturated fat is the main fat type of avocado oil, count about 74% of the total fat content.

Avocado Oil (producing area:Spain)
Fatty acid composition Appearance time/min Peak area Content/%
Octadecatrienoic acid 19.983 47754.6 0.398
Palmitoleic acid 22.046 273757.4 2.280
Octadecadienoic acid 26.723 2793566 23.263
Palmitic acid 34.805 1087651 9.057
Oleic acid 38.798 7411198.5 61.715
Stearic acid 71.704 211976.5 1.805

Manufacturing Process of Avocado Oil:

All Kinds of Oil Raw Material AvailableThe traditional production method of avocado oil is to slice and dry the avocado, press at high temperature, and then extract it with organic solvents. The process of slicing and drying is time-consuming and complicated, and high temperature pressing makes the bioactive substances in avocado, such as vitamin E, sterol, carotenoids, etc. lose a lot, destroy the oil cells, promote protein denaturation, and reduce oil viscosity. SIMEC hydraulic oil press adopts cold press, the nutrients in the oil are preserved completely, which is more in line with the needs of the human body.

Storage of Avocado Oil:

Unrefined avocado oil is easy to preserve, but not suitable for refrigeration. Because some of the compositions in avocado oil will precipitate due to low temperature, there is a slight turbidity phenomenon, and sometimes even sediment. Avocado oil will solidify at 0℃ and return to liquid form at room temperature.

Effects of Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil products are suitable for people with dry or aging skin, suffering from eczema, psoriasis. For skin damage caused by sunlight or climate, such as dehydration or malnutrition, the effect is very excellent. In addition, avocado oil has the function of regenerating the skin and softening the skin tissue. Avocado oil is easily absorbed by deep tissue and can effectively soften skin tissue, moisturizing effect is obvious, It can relieve eczema and psoriasis, so it is especially suitable for resisting skin aging.


Avocado oil manufactured by SIMEC client from Tanzania, the hydraulic oil press he uses is Model Hop50-280.

  1. Moisturizing

The biggest and most basic function of avocado oil is moisturizing, because it contains a lot of vitamin D and lecithin, there is no doubt in the role of moisturizing, avocado oil is particularly suitable for dry skin, long-term lack of moisture in the skin tends to lose its elasticity, and aging also comes with it. Avocado oil as a basic essential oil for skin care, its main effect is moisturizing, suitable for people with dry skin.

  1. Skin Whitening 

Avocado oil also has a certain degree of whitening effect, avocado oil mixed with lemon oil, chamomile essential oil, etc., can dilute the stain to achieve whitening effect.

  1. Slimming

Slimming effect of avocado oil is also popular. Using avocado oil to massage the body can help eliminate edema and help eliminate excess water in the body, so as to achieve the effect of slimming the body, often combines with essential oils such as rosemary, lemon, and cinnamon.

  1. Hypertension Preventing

Avocado oil contains unsaturated fatty acids that can help lower cholesterol and clear blood vessels, thereby preventing cardiovascular disease, especially for high blood pressure.


Skin surface softening, high penetration, relieve muscle relaxation, repair skin damage, moisturizing, softening and anti-wrinkle to prevent aging, skin moisturizing, treatment dermatitis, etc..


Anwar shigog

July 25, 2018at 12:03 am

Hii am interested in starting a small scale avocado oil production in Mombasa, Kenya,please advise me accordingly.


March 29, 2022at 3:29 pm

iam intresten with ovacado Hydrolic pressing machine
i think it will work for coconut oil
. But i would wish to have the machine which is automatic.because the model available in Tanzania some how is labour intensive that process of manual work

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